Native American Heritage Month, November 2015

If you’re interested in this display, I wrote about it’s level of success over at Hack Library School, in a blog entitled, “What Library Displays Taught Me About Effort, Good Intentions, and Failure.” That should give you an idea about how many items this display circulated and how much attention it got, but I’m still pretty proud of what I created for this one. The goal was to feature contemporary Indigenous authors, musicians, and artists, and I created supplementary materials to highlight this. The playlist I curated is available here.

We Are Still Here, and all its accoutrements.

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These are the interactive cards I used to feature Native American artists. While some of the art was from books, most was from

Please feel free to remix/reinvigorate/reuse these materials, I would love to see pictures if you do!


Artist Profiles

Playlist Cards