Library Programming for Makerspaces

Take and Makes

Visible Mending: Details | Video | Instructions
WHO: 100 library patrons, ages 12 and up
WHAT: An open-ended project to encourage patrons to find creative ways to mend their worn-out clothes
WHERE: 4 library makerspace locations throughout El Paso County
WHEN: April 2021
WHY: To promote reuse and repair as a function of sustainable living. To teach library users a new skill. To provide safe programming during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Similar Projects:
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Passive Programs

3D Printed Lithophanes: Instructions
WHO: Patrons of the Pikes Peak Library District
WHAT: A self-directed project to use a web-based software to design lithophanes, thin 3d printed images that appear when light shines through them.
WHERE: Openly available at each of the 4 library makerspace locations
WHEN: February/March 2022
WHY: To encourage new visitors to the space to envision what kinds of projects they can create with makerspace equipment. To occupy patrons using the equipment while they have idle time in the space. To upskill on 3d printing and CAD.

Similar Projects:
Plarn (Plastic Yarn): Instructions


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